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horoscope for Capricorn

The stars have dialled up a month with a lot of variety and a real smorgasbord of options that will allow for the right work/life balance without this being a challenge. Because the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of June in your work sector, the solar spotlight will always be on your work situation and job matters at this time of year. If all the planets that will visit this year were to be here at the same time this could become incredibly busy but instead, they are spread out in a way that allows for a more even and smooth ride, without the pressure to rush things. There had already been planetary activity here when the Sun returned and even though he will leave on 21st June, Mercury's return on 14th June and Venus' return on 23rd June will keep the momentum going. However, it is not until Mars returns in August that the busiest months of the year will begin. This allows you to enjoy all of this month's options, including Venus and Mercury's time in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart. With Mercury leaving on 14th June but Venus here until 23rd June, she will be here throughout the Sun's remaining weeks in your work sector. Also helping to maintain the right work/life balance is Mars and Jupiter, who have teamed up to make this a stunning month for home and family matters. Mars returned late last month to begin his first visit to your home and family sector in two years, with the drive and motivation to make things happen and get things done. By coincidence, this puts Mars here during Jupiter's first full month here in over a decade, something that has begun a 12 month period of growth and expansion. There is even a chance to focus more on your relationships when the Sun returns to your relationship sector on 21st June.

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