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horoscope for Virgo

While there is a lot of focus on the past this month there will be signs of new doors opening by the end of the month. While the month long wind down of your current solar year doesn't begin until 23rd July, with Venus and Mars starting the month already in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart the wind down of your current Venus and Mars cycles have begun. With planets in retrograde motion on the job, relationship and even financial fronts by the end of the month, this is putting a lot of focus on the past but this also makes it important to make time to hear yourself think. This will require some accommodation or compromise because not everything will be in review mode at the same time. While Venus and Mars are encouraging time to reflect Mercury is wrapping up loose ends on the career front while the Sun will keep the solar spotlight on your social life, friendship, teamwork and networking through to 23rd July. This is when the Sun will return to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart to begin the wind down of your old solar year, only to find that Venus has left a day earlier. The Sun will take over from where Venus left off while her return to Virgo will give your heart a voice a month before your birthday month and new solar year begins. Mars will join Venus in Virgo on 30th July, with the warrior planet of the cosmos returning for the first time in two years to begin a new Mars cycle. Last year Venus didn't return to Virgo until October and Mars didn't return at all. This gives you time to explore the things that excite you before your birthday month begins. Meanwhile, Jupiter is on the move this month, retrograding back out of your relationship sector on 29th July, just two and a half months after returning. This will see Jupiter retrograde back in to join Saturn in your work sector, where the planet of luck and expansion has unfinished business.

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